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Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

Avg Rating

3/4/2020 8:47:14 AM

Great product!
Brianna G,Mississauga, ON, Canada

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I use this product in so many ways! The lesson book with phonological awareness target items is a great resources for my literacy clients, and the other pieces (game boards, magnetic wand & chips) can be used as a reinforcer for many other clients/activities.

10/30/2019 10:18:05 AM

Great Product
Lanette H,Lonoke, AR

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I love using the Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat with my students in intervention. They enjoy the game element of the program and I love having so many skill-specific teacher tools in one place. The assessments are wonderful as well.

4/30/2019 7:52:05 AM

Phonemic Awareness
Patrice S,Amityville, NY

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I'm always looking for fun ways to improve phonemic awareness, this is great!

3/13/2019 2:52:48 PM

Favorite Phonological Awareness act
Cindy,Athens, AL

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

Chipper Chat is the favorite PA activity for both my teachers and our dyslexic students. We recently ordered a second game for our center, since this game was so in demand by the small groups. One set just wasn't enough!

12/19/2018 1:00:19 PM

Sheila M.,Paragould, AR

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I ordered this product because I saw a co-worker using it and the kids loved it! I use it in my intervention groups and my kids love using it also! Kids learn while having fun!

11/9/2018 1:11:57 PM

Phonological Chipper Chat
Valarie Lacefield,FL

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

This has been a quick and easy way to execute purposeful practice with varying levels of phonological awareness. I also love the quick assessment tool included and progress tracking sheet.

10/11/2017 12:28:20 PM

Great Resource !
Jennifer C.,Phoenix, AZ

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

As an itinerate teacher I love this resource in that it does not require preparation, it is portable, and engaging. The students love it!

7/25/2016 4:39:24 PM

Let's Get Those Chips!
Rachel O,Deland, FL

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

Love! Love! Love the new magnetic chipper chat phonological awareness game. I was looking for some new material to keep some of my older children interested in working on these particular goals! Couldn't have asked for anything better!

11/10/2015 5:00:28 PM

LOVE Chipper Chats!
Jessica F.,Dallas, TX

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I love my phonological awareness chipper chat game as much as my students. What an engaging way to practice phonological awareness skills. I can use this product with most of my classes and they absolutely love using their wands to collect their chips. A bit pricey, but worth it!

7/9/2015 10:02:13 AM

Love this product!
Tawni M.,Seattle, WA

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I'm in love with this product! It flows really well with the ELLA and I'm able to address goals very simply and progressively. It's also great to show parents, send home practice sheets, and take data from.

4/25/2015 12:36:53 AM

Perfect to support phonological awareness skills
James R,Auckland, New Zealand

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

This product targets all key areas of phonological awareness - comes in board game format with book of key activities for adult to use - makes any student you work with enjoy learning about the sound structure of words!!!!

4/23/2015 2:53:43 PM

Nicole H.,Colorado

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

ALL of my special education students love this game. I am able to span 4 grade levels with the one box of game boards and the students are always requesting to play at the end of reading group.

3/12/2015 9:47:07 AM

Fun and engaging!
Mary M.,Geary, NB Canada

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

My students LOVED playing the Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat game. It is a fun and engaging way to help emphasize those early reading skills that are critical to cracking the code. The assessment and activity lessons are identifying the gaps in their learning and the game reinforces a fun way to learn that critical information. Thank you Super Duper!

10/23/2014 1:57:00 PM

Chipper Chat Phonological Awareness Game
Cindy,Madison, AL

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

My small groups of dyslexic students really enjoyed practicing phonological awareness skills using the Chipper Chat game. I like the resource book full of pages and pages of phonological awareness drills categorized by type. This is a game that is fun enough to use regularly, and varied enough to use with my youngest group as well as with the older students. Excellent resource!

10/15/2014 9:53:02 PM

Phonological Chipper Chat
DianeR,North Carolina

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

Workbook is super handy. Students love the games!

10/13/2014 10:19:43 PM

Nice product.
Jackie J,Goshen, IN

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I purchased this product specifically for an older child who is delayed in language and is reading at the 2nd grade level. His phonological skills are minimal. He loves it and is making progress rapidly. Lots of practice materials for every level of skill.

9/2/2014 4:00:40 PM

PA great buy
Amber F.,Yukon, OK

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I love the manual that comes with the PA chipper chat bundle. It addresses multiple skills at multiple levels. But even better is how extensively each skill is targeted. Rhyming, syllable counting, sound deletions and manipulations-you name it this bundle has it. Plus the kids always love playing with the "magic" wand. :)

10/11/2013 9:33:52 PM

Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat
Cheri Happonen,Thunder Bay , Ontario

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I am an Early Childhood Educator working in a kindergarten classroom. Both my students and I love this game! It's a hands - on , fun game that reinforces learning language skills at the same time. The children love the magic wand and magnetic chips. The game includes all the language skills I focus on in small groups for students who scored at risk on their assessments. It covers each skill: word awareness, syllable awareness, rhyming , sound blending, segmenting, syllable deletion, sound identification among others. The children really like the variety of pictured game boards. This game is a fun and useful learning tool that always holds the children's attention!

7/11/2013 4:35:52 PM

Fun activity
Sara S.,Birmingham, AL

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

This product is a fun way to practice phonological awareness skills.

7/7/2013 9:36:45 PM

Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat
Cathy K.,Greer, SC

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I like how the targeted skill is identified on each board name. The students always display good effort with the magnetic chips and wand. Thank you Super Duper for the colorful boards. My only disappointment was that on the rhyming board called "Munch a Lunch, there are not rhyming pictures on the lunchbox.

2/21/2013 1:48:37 PM

Great little activities kit for what I need.
Pam M.,Cumming, GA

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

As part of our school-wide RtI time, I am using a program to address deficits in phonemic awareness. I use the activities in this kit to have something 'different' to do and the kids love it! I am using it with 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders.

9/30/2012 7:35:33 PM

Excellent Variety
Shannon S,Richmond VA

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I work with a wide range of student abilities in reading invention. Chipper Chat provides support across the scope of phonological skills. My students get excited to play the games and LOVE the magnetic chips! I've been very pleased and feel I received my money's worth. Excellent product! Well worth the investment.

10/24/2011 6:58:05 PM

Leslie M.,Benton, LA

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I love the Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat to share with the teachers at my school so they have some wonderful materials to use for interventions.

10/17/2011 9:53:33 PM

Leslie M.,Benton, LA

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I love this product so much that I bought several of them to share with the teachers at my school. They needed some fun and easy materials to use for Phonological Awareness interventions. Chipper Chat was the answer!!!

8/29/2011 11:19:53 AM

Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat
Paula Rivers,Columbia, MD

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I found your description of Phonological Chipper Chat misleading in that you claim to have a greater variety of boards by stating the total number of (5) boards per (6) sets. Also, the lack of any kind of playing cards made the "game" useless because the therapist/teacher has to provide ALL the input. Students/patients are NOT part of the interaction. Actually, there is no INTERACTION; there iss only teacher/therapist input, and patient/student output. NOT FUN!

8/1/2011 10:36:43 AM

laerning made fun!
Megan L.,Whitesboro, NY

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I work with ESL students, and so what a wonderful and fun way to target langauge learning! I know that they are going to love this and be asking to play it constantly!

2/19/2011 9:44:34 AM

phonological awareness chipper chat
Sandy A,Lafayette, La

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

Zero to three clients often have difficulty understanding that their speech patterns are not understandable to others, so this item is assisting my clients to be aware of their differences from targeted speech patterns.

10/28/2010 5:47:42 AM

Ashley N.,Tulsa, OK

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I love all Chipper Chat products. I also love this one except I wish the manual had better worksheets to copy for home prgramming. The gameboards for this Chipper Chat are really fun.

9/4/2010 10:15:21 PM

Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat
Shawna P.,Cedar Falls, IA

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

This product is a great tool to use for quick sessions addressing specific PA skills. I love that it is hands-on and keeps my students interest. It is packed full with so much content and stimuli my students never tire of playing Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat!

7/2/2010 7:13:50 PM

Chipper Chat is fun for all ages!
Virginia,Miami, FL

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

One of my co-workers bought the game and I liked it right away. I borrowed hers for my tutoring sessions. All of my students LOVED it. So, I bought one for myself. Now every time they come they ask me if we can play the game before we do anything else! It's really fun...and the funny part is that they don't even know they're learning while they have fun! Can't wait to buy the Auditory Processing Chipper Chat!

6/21/2010 7:39:06 PM

Chipper Chat Rocks!!
Louise K.,McPherson, KS

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

This is a definite "must have" item!! I've used this frequently throughout the school year with K-2 students. The games are fun and engaging! Kids love using the magnetic wand to pick up chips. This is a motivating way to practice essential phonological awareness skills! The manual is extremely well-done. The multiple levels within each skill offer ways to individualize to specific needs even within a small group. l use the manual as a resource to supplement other phonological awareness activities and games, too. It's been so popular that each of the K-1 teachers in my building have their own kit!

5/17/2010 8:15:23 AM

Artic Chipper Chat
Chaya E,Providence, RI

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I love all of the chipper chat games. They target many areas and my students love them. There are so many game boards that can be used -so they are always playing something new.

5/13/2010 1:37:25 PM

Innovative RtI tool
Anita D.,Niceville, FL

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

Phonological Awareness Chipper Chats is a great tool to address many areas of phonological awareness and facilitate early literacy skills. Even older, poor readers can benefit from the kit. Children love to play with it, and it can be adapted for use in a classroom. I utilize it by requiring five consecutive correct responses from students in order to advance to the next level. There is magic in a magnet :)

5/12/2010 8:22:51 PM

Excellent Resource
Peggy H.,Santa Clarita, CA

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

These materials have been an excellent resource for use in the therapy setting as well as in the classroom setting in developing phonemic awareness skills. In fact, I shared the materials with our primary teachers and they absolutely loved using them in their small group settings. The students are engaged and the workbook provides several exercises for student success. I highly recommend this item.

5/10/2010 10:14:41 AM

Jennifer Tucci,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I have found the chipper chat game boards and magnetic wand to be a great reinforcer/motivator to use with my students with Autism. I can make them earn the chips and they love to use the "magic" wand to help clean them up.

4/27/2010 7:17:53 AM

Nancy Friday,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I use Chipper Chat on a regular basis. It's wonderful for group therapy because it can be "played" for as little as 5 minutes or for the entire session. The versatility makes it invaluable!

4/15/2010 7:12:02 AM

Kathy Gadbury,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I love the new hear builder following directions and phonological awareness CD. The areas align with state standards. The graphics are wonderful and my students loved the demo. My students love chipper chat series and Auditory Memory for Quick Stories. We order most test products through Super Duper as well.

4/12/2010 9:06:46 AM

Dana Wieck,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I love getting the new Super Duper Catalog each year. It is always fun to see what is new. In the spring when we order for the next school year, I get excited for the new products and it "renews" my energy for another year. I love the Chipper Chat series. When traveling to several schools they are so portable and the kids love them!

3/30/2010 7:25:15 AM

Deedra Denmon,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

recently my son had a seizure and stroke and he had to start speech therapy and they use stuff from here and he loves it i have been looking around for some stuff that is a responsbile price so i can work at him with home and use the stuff they use at therapy and the stuff he like and knows. He loves chipper chat he likes when the wand with the magnet picks up the chips. there are so many other things he likes but i couldnt name them all. thank you all for all the nice products you make for kids. you done a great job making games that kids love and that will teach them also. Thank You so much.

3/22/2010 7:19:00 AM

Tammi Soileau,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

While I've had limited experience with your website, I am impressed with the selection of materials across disabilities, age and skill levels. I have used the fundecks, chipper chat, and sequencing materials provided through my school district.

3/17/2010 7:19:50 AM


#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I would love if more of the fun decks could have pairs because the kids love playing Go Fish. The students are especially enjoying the Chipper Chat games this year. Thanks!!

3/15/2010 10:02:44 AM

Darlene Remy,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

Therapy idea: I have an abundance of the magnetic chips and magnetic wands that are used every day in my sessions for articulation and language. I give out the chips for every production of sounds, words, words in sentences, rote language facts, responses, etc. and my students want more! That is because at the end of the session I take all of their chips and drop them on the therapy table. The student(s) then have to pick up all of one color with the magnetic wand without picking up any of the other colors. They then move on to another color and another until they have picked them all up. They take the chips off and put them in a "safe" bowl and try to see if they can get them all. They learn that the more work they do, the more fun and challenging it is to pick up the chips color by color! Darlene M. Remy, MS, CCC-SLP

3/15/2010 9:58:28 AM

Christine Stein,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I enjoy the magnetic products, animal grabbers, and Chipper Chat products the most!

3/15/2010 9:56:22 AM

Lauren Davis,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I really enjoy the Chipper Chat products. They are easy to clean up, and my kiddos love the magnet wand!

3/3/2010 7:11:10 AM

michelle abramchik,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I love all of the chipper chats! the children love putting on the little circles and get very involved in the activity; sometimes a little too much!

3/2/2010 10:34:16 AM

Amanda Guenther,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I really enjoy the Chipper Chat products, I can elicit multiple productions of targets and the kids love the magnets.

3/1/2010 8:40:19 AM

Janet Davis - Lowe,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I love the chipper chat products.

2/26/2010 7:04:11 AM

Laurie Goodman-Rothlein,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

Chipper chat games are always fun for my students.

2/23/2010 7:21:46 AM

Monica Schwartz,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

Students really enjoy chipper chat.

2/17/2010 7:26:35 AM

sherri kramerson,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

Keep up the good work! I love your products! Speech and language products...especially the Chipper Chat bingo students love these. SK

2/5/2010 7:47:20 AM

Jackie Bilancini,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

The Super Duper products that we have that I enjoy the most at this time are the chipper chat and MagneTalk Early Classifying board. I love to use chipper chat in therapy with my artic and lang patients. They love the colorful boards, and I love that it gives them a visual of what they need to complete to gain there desired play item at the end of therapy. MagneTalk Early Classifying board is wonderful for vocabulary with my younger kids. Not only is it great for classifying, but the pictures make it wonderful to work on describing or naming items that have been described.

2/2/2010 7:12:05 AM

Sue Cartier,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I feel that you are serving me very well. If I need materials in any area, I know I can find it in your catalog. I really like the fun decks and the chipper chat games. They are fun and easy to pull out and the kids enjoy them.

2/1/2010 9:13:38 AM

Shelley Marsh,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

Love your products, especially Chipper Chat!

1/30/2010 9:13:06 AM

The kids love it!
Krista E.,Ontario, Canada

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I was having difficulty teaching Phonological Awareness until I found this game! The children love the colorful game boards and they especially love using the magnets and wands at the end. Thank you Super Duper!

1/29/2010 8:19:05 AM

Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat
Lonnie,Austin, TX

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

Who doesn't like Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat? Even my 5th graders went crazy when we played it. I love the way the skills are organized into 3 difficulty levels. The data keeping forms and reward certificates are fabulous.

1/25/2010 7:44:34 AM

Robin Stifflemire,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I really enjoy the Chipper Chat games. The children love them, too!

1/14/2010 7:19:24 AM

Sarah Lane,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

The kids I work with really enjoy playing the Chipper Chat games. They never seem to get old and keep the kids entertained throughout therapy sessions!

1/11/2010 7:27:17 AM

Julie Hudacin,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

There is nothing for you to do better - I love your free shipping! The SuperDuper Products that I couldn't live without are: Chipper Chat - particularily artic chipper chat Fish and Say games Token Towers Feed the Animals and Webber Artic cards

12/8/2009 8:11:35 AM

Allison Brown,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

Well, it's that time of year orders! In the 11 years in my district, I have come to rely solely on your products. I especially love the fun decks and chipper chats! The kids are engaged and continually ask to play with them. Plus, the free shipping allows me to spend all of my limited budget on materials! Thanks Super Duper!

12/7/2009 7:12:00 AM

amanda price ormsby,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

You guys are great, no improvements neede! I'd like to see more phonology material. My student love the decoder cards and chipper chat, of course!!

12/4/2009 7:31:29 AM

Jill Carithers,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

My speech students love the Chipper Chat activities. They are always excited when I bring out the "magic" wands!

12/3/2009 1:03:25 PM

Sheila Hartman,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

A co worker has several of your chipper chat programs and I am getting reading to order for myself. I love them. Thank you

12/1/2009 7:18:31 AM

Jenny Peters,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

My students love the Fish and Say products and the Chipper Chat!

11/30/2009 7:01:44 AM

Bonnie Elliott,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

Your service couldn't be any better! You're my favorite company to deal with! The Chipper Chats!

11/23/2009 8:05:15 AM

Kylee Williamson,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I LOVE using Super Duper's Chipper Chat games!

11/23/2009 8:02:29 AM

Karen Kopf,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I love the Chipper Chat motivational games. I am especially enjoying the articulation activities with my kindergarten students. Using the Chipper Chat activities makes articulation drill work fun for the students and I am seeing increased correct production of target sounds as well as carryover into other responsive speech activities.

11/23/2009 8:00:36 AM

Tamera Mensink,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

You have excellent service. I love the chipper chat games.

11/13/2009 2:19:34 PM

Robbie Campbell,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

chipper chat is one of my favorite products, as well as Look who's talking and the WH decks. All are very useful in helping our son with autism use language. As a parent of an autistic child it is very difficult to engage in conversations, with the help of this company and the products we have ordered we are seeing small steps in engaging in meaningful conversations Thank you Super duper, you are truly super duper!!!!

11/13/2009 2:17:54 PM

Melissa Freeman,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I love games like Artic Chipper Chat that incorporate objectives right into the activity.

11/10/2009 3:58:33 PM

Karyn Papadatos,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I'm a mom with a special needs child (autism) and we enjoy your products! We have several decks of cards, many games, and we hope to purchase many more from you! I'd love to see more games like Chipper Chat, those that serve a language function, but involve some immediate reward. My son loves the magnet want and magnetized chips! Keep up the great work!

11/10/2009 2:07:01 PM

Melissa Schnell,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I really enjoy the story grammar marker and the chipper chap games.

11/10/2009 2:02:18 PM

Amanda Baker,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

The Chipper Chat products are awesome! The kids love the magnetic wand and chips. The boards are versatile and easy to adapt to many therapy needs.

11/10/2009 1:46:57 PM

Lisa Van Horne,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I have loved the Chipper Chat because the game boards are able to work with any task and the kids love the wand! You guys are great!

11/9/2009 9:57:51 AM

Jennifer Swink,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I love the chipper chat games and the kids do too! I would like to see more of those.

11/9/2009 9:51:51 AM

Lori Spector,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I love the Chipper Chat series. I share it with my friend who is a fourth grade teacher. She uses it for a center-based activity.

11/9/2009 7:21:14 AM

Lisa Messina,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I love Chipper Chat and Look Whose Listening (you can use the games for any activity you want and it makes differentiating instruction a piece of cake in therapy!

10/8/2009 2:57:15 PM

Cindy Sigmon,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

Super Duper serves me well. I love all the materials Super Duper has to offer and so do the kids! They are fun and engaging and I could not ask for more. The children especially love the chipper chat games! It's so exciting to see their faces light up when the magic wand picks up the chips!

10/8/2009 2:57:06 PM

Suzanne Manthei,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I love any of the chipper chat games. They are motivating and fun! The kids don't realize they are working and sometimes working really hard to get that token!

10/8/2009 2:36:41 PM

Tommi Addison,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

Keep the great products and services going! I use the artic cards for all kinds of therapy, and really enjoy them. The chipper-chats are a real favorite with my students, especially when they get to use the magnets to pick up the chips.

10/8/2009 1:01:03 PM

Julie Kumpar,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

My favorite Super Duper products include Chipper Chat, Photo Fish, Who-interactive software, and Auditory Memory quick stories. I would like to see more activities for children with severe Autism. I would also like to see a larger font on the articulation cards so children can make the literacy-speech connection.

10/8/2009 7:22:13 AM

Tammie Jensen,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

My favorite products would be the Chipper Chat series, as all the children seem to respond some wonderfully to them.

10/7/2009 10:36:44 AM

Jill Carithers,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I have tons of your products in my therapy room. There hasn't been one item that I've ever been dissatisfied with in all the years I have been working in the school system. I believe the item that my students enjoy the most are the Chipper Chat games. They get very excited when I bring out this activity and the "magic wand"! :)

9/18/2009 7:24:43 AM

Sheila Yoakum,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I absolutely love the Chipper Chat sets. They are some of the most used tools in my 28 years of serving as an SLP.

9/10/2009 6:49:27 AM

Nichole Beaudin,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I have never been disappointed by anything I have purchased through Super Duper. The quality of the materials is excellent, and the colorful illustrations on your products are always very engaging. I especially enjoy the Chipper Chat activities for their versatility and high interest level. Your customer service agents are top notch as well! Keep up the great work!!

9/3/2009 7:41:42 AM

Amanda Baker,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I really like the Chipper Chat products. Children of all ages love the magnetic wand and the multi-colored chips. The boards are colorful and keep the children engaged and entertained while learning. GREAT!

8/25/2009 7:23:00 AM

Amanda Baker,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

Love the chipper chat products--quick, easy, and the kids love them!

8/18/2009 7:09:46 AM

Lisa Kathman,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I love Chipper Chat. I find that all ages--from preschool to 6th grad--are amazed at the "magic wand" as it does its work. Great product.

8/6/2009 7:06:11 AM

Marion Pollock,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

After several years my students still love the chipper chat, and I can use it for a variety of goals and objectives.

7/20/2009 8:37:42 AM

Kelly Fontamillas,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I enjoy the chipper chat products the most, and so do the kids. It targets specific goals and is motivating for kids.

7/20/2009 8:05:22 AM

Alix Buchanan,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

The products I enjoy most are Chipper Chat, Grammar Gumballs, and Granny's Candies.

6/4/2009 7:19:55 AM

Ellen Frissell,

#cc77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I utilize and enjoy your games (Granny's Candies, Chipper Chat, Basic Concepts) because they are so motivating (everyone strives to improve), and they help develop pragmatics skills.

12/10/2008 8:02:30 AM

Carmelita Stockemer,

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I enjoy Chipper Chat. I use the game boards for quick phonological awareness activities. I am looking forward to the arrival of the other Chipper Chats I purchased. Thanks for making teaching students fun again.

10/21/2008 1:25:53 PM

Pat Wilson, Hilton Head, SC,

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

My students love Chipper Chat games. As a Resource Teacher, I find that this works wonderfully as a where the students don't even realize that they're learning (while I'm evaluating their PROGRESS!).

10/21/2008 1:09:14 PM

Barbara Burnet, Vancouver, BC, Canada,

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

The kids I work with have loved Chipper Chats!

10/21/2008 12:43:47 PM

Laurie Polen, West Bloomfield, MI,

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I love the Fun Decks, Chipper Chats, and WH Bingo!

10/21/2008 10:47:04 AM

Yvonne Michaud, Mt. Hope, KS,

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I love Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat!

10/16/2008 2:41:24 PM


#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

As a therapist I enjoy Chipper Chat the most because the kids respond so well to it. It makes learning fun!

10/16/2008 2:07:13 PM

Tina Smith,

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I love Chipper Chat! It's great for Phonological Awareness!

10/15/2008 12:09:43 PM

Sarah Lockhart, Plainfield, IN,

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I absolutely, 100%, LOVE your products! They are so different from most of the other educational books/materials. They are FUN and EDUCATIONAL all-in-one! I love your Chipper Chats! Keep it up!

7/12/2012 7:02:37 AM

Diane Shovan, Marine City, MI,

#CC77-Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat®

I like the new Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat and have shared it with kindergarten teachers and parents.