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Pirates & Pals® Preposition Fun!
Card Deck
Sharon G. Webber design by Daryl Hutchinson
Grades PreK-3 - Ages 4 & Up

Avg Rating

4/24/2018 8:08:34 PM

Great for Working on Prepositions!
Kelly W.,Buffalo, NY

#WFC88-Pirates & Pals® Preposition Fun!

My students love these cards! They are very colorful and goes well with my Pirate theme this year! Great way to teach prepositions!

2/20/2018 2:24:01 PM

Great tool if you're stuck in a rut with basic concepts
Monica B.,Allentown, PA

#WFC88-Pirates & Pals® Preposition Fun!

I needed a variety of materials that I could use for basic language concepts, since I always use my Super Duper Flamingo Bingo and my Super Duper Pigs & Pals Preposition fun deck. This was an inexpensive addition to my materials "bank," and my students all enjoy the boy and girl pirates.

4/26/2015 9:52:30 AM

Pirates & Pals Preposition Fun!
Mary H,Ann Arbor, MI

#WFC88-Pirates & Pals® Preposition Fun!

Great pictures to teach prepositions to preschoolers!