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OWLS-II LC/OE Complete Kit

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9/16/2014 6:50:54 PM

Katie P,Layton, UT

#TM794-OWLS-II LC/OE Complete Kit

I love the new OWLS-II. It is easy to use, very comprehensive, and quick to administer. We use this test at all of the charter schools that we serve through my speech business. I use this with almost all of my language students. This helps me know if I need to do further assessments and in which areas.

12/31/2012 11:54:56 AM

New OWL-2
Sharon J,Dawn, Texas

#TM794-OWLS-II LC/OE Complete Kit

Great pictures, really like the updated OWL-2

3/7/2012 7:26:57 AM

Michelle P.,Stockbridge, GA

#TM794-OWLS-II LC/OE Complete Kit

The OWLS-II is much more improved than than the former version. The language is more understandable. Its illustrations reflect diverse cultures. It also includes assessment of some prereading skills required of preschool children. The record forms are more pleasing to the eye and makes it easier for answers to be recorded. Overall great improvement!