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Auditory Processing Quick Take Along®
Natalie Snyders, M.A., CCC-SLP; Rynette Kjesbo, M.A., CCC-SLP; and
Kevin Stuckey M.Ed., CCC-SLP
All Ages

Avg Rating

5/2/2019 8:44:24 AM

Awesome Product
Paige L.,Little Rock, AR

#TA560-Auditory Processing Quick Take Along®

I love this product! I am a traveling SLP, and this is a great size for tossing into my therapy bag. It gives lots of options for activities. Highly recommend!

5/10/2013 11:22:00 AM

Auditory Processing Quick Take Along™
Molly M.,Sterling, NY

#TA560-Auditory Processing Quick Take Along®

It's all and more than I had hoped for. The mini book is small enough to take with you and varied enough in activities and performance level to use quickly, without needed "processing time" for the therapist to generate the cues for these skill practices.

3/13/2013 1:47:46 PM

quick on the go tool!
Carlita,Philadelphia, PA

#TA560-Auditory Processing Quick Take Along®

I haven't had the opportunity to use this much but it has proven to be a great on the go resource. There are plenty of activites in such a small and compact book.

4/1/2012 9:53:27 PM

Nice product
Lisa F,Prescott Valley, AZ

#TA560-Auditory Processing Quick Take Along®

I love this take along product. It works great for me.

3/31/2012 4:10:37 PM

Great little books
Nora C,Parkersburg, WV

#TA560-Auditory Processing Quick Take Along®

Great when you have to travel.

12/19/2011 8:28:36 PM

Super convenient
Courtney H.,Durham, NC

#TA560-Auditory Processing Quick Take Along®

I love the take-along books I bought. I use this one a lot. It is much more convenient than the big auditory processing book and I love that I can put it in my pocket and go!