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Chewy Tubes™ (3 Red & 3 Yellow)
Ages 10 Months - Adult

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10/3/2011 2:17:34 PM

Nix the rotary
Sondra B.,Fredonia, AZ

#OM414-Chewy Tubes™ (3 Red & 3 Yellow)

An excellent tool for improving jaw stability! I have a low-functioning young lady who habitually used a rotary jaw movement (low tone, drooling, and 'clicking' of TMJ each time she rotated). By using the Chewy Tubes during part of her daily feeding, her tone has improved, vertical jaw movement is improving, and she has decreased the amount of drooling. Family & Therapist are satisfied!

3/10/2011 1:06:26 PM

Chewy Tubes
Heather G,Orlando, FL

#OM414-Chewy Tubes™ (3 Red & 3 Yellow)

We use these chew tubes for oral motor exercises and oral sensory input. They are a great tool and our clients love them.

3/29/2010 9:42:58 AM

Amita Koul,

#OM414-Chewy Tubes™ (3 Red & 3 Yellow)

I love Super Duper products. Every super duper product is unique in its own way. I would like to see more language learning games from super duper. I have articulation cards, oral motor tools and games from super duper and I like every single product I have. I like the vibrating critters most. They are amazing. Thanks for the amazing products.

3/4/2010 7:48:53 AM

Billie Moody,

#OM414-Chewy Tubes™ (3 Red & 3 Yellow)

Thank you for your Sensory and Autism products! They are amazing. We get a lot of use from your card decks!

2/23/2010 7:22:12 AM

Joanna Grissett,

#om414-Chewy Tubes™ (3 Red & 3 Yellow)

I would like to see more oral motor stimulations toys. I enjoy the chewy tubs and the v-vibes. They help my daughter to get ready for her meals so she is not fighting to eat.

1/27/2010 7:49:54 AM

michelle riehle,

#OM414-Chewy Tubes™ (3 Red & 3 Yellow)

I enjoy the NUK brushes and oral motor items you have. You have a great selection. I don't see any other proctucts that I would like to see. When I need something. I can always find it online at your place. Thanks.

1/25/2010 7:35:36 AM

rhonda cowlishaw,

#OM414-Chewy Tubes™ (3 Red & 3 Yellow)

love all the oral therapy products

11/13/2009 2:18:03 PM

Lynn Young,

#OM414-Chewy Tubes™ (3 Red & 3 Yellow)

I value the oral motor products that you carry. My son has speech apraxia so anything that is safe and can stimulate awareness of his mouth is helpful.

1/8/2009 3:29:34 PM

Tia Early, Jacksonville Beach, FL,

#om414-Chewy Tubes™ (3 Red & 3 Yellow)

Oral motor Chewy Tubes have been a lifesaver for my son. When he gets excited or nervous, he chews on his hand. The Chewy Tubes provide an excellent alternative.

11/12/2008 10:02:37 AM

Tia Early, Jacksonville Beach, FL,

#OM414-Chewy Tubes™ (3 Red & 3 Yellow)

Since I was introduced to your company this past summer, I feel like I have hit the lottery. I have been able to find the tools needed to work with my son who has Down syndrome.