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Chewy Tubes™ (1 Red & 1 Yellow)
Ages 10 Months - Adult

Avg Rating

10/21/2014 12:44:19 PM

Great tool!
Ashley G.,Athens, GA

#OM413-Chewy Tubes™ (1 Red & 1 Yellow)

Durable and easy to clean :)

12/21/2013 6:07:02 PM

Muy bueno el t tube
Nikima L.,Puerto Rico

#OM413-Chewy Tubes™ (1 Red & 1 Yellow)

El t tube me ha resultado muy útil para niños con problemas sensoriales y para niños con problemas oro motores de alimentación. La variedad en tamaños facilita su uso y se ajusta a cada niño en particular.

10/19/2010 1:46:19 AM

great texture
Karen,Southern Colorado

#OM413-Chewy Tubes™ (1 Red & 1 Yellow)

These have the BEST texture. I ordered them for my own kids, 6 and 3, because they seem to keep putting toys in their mouths, especially when bored in the car. We keep one in the car and one by the bedside. I think that these would really be a big hit if they were commerically available to the public.

9/26/2010 7:19:17 PM

Chew Tubes Help!
Sharon Liff,Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

#OM413-Chewy Tubes™ (1 Red & 1 Yellow)

The Chew Tubes are awesome! My son is unable to chew food and these tubes provide him with a safe surface to chew on. We were introduced to them by his SLP years ago and I have been buying them ever since. Thank-you !! Sharon Liff

3/29/2010 9:42:58 AM

Amita Koul,

#OM413-Chewy Tubes™ (1 Red & 1 Yellow)

I love Super Duper products. Every super duper product is unique in its own way. I would like to see more language learning games from super duper. I have articulation cards, oral motor tools and games from super duper and I like every single product I have. I like the vibrating critters most. They are amazing. Thanks for the amazing products.

3/4/2010 7:48:53 AM

Billie Moody,

#OM413-Chewy Tubes™ (1 Red & 1 Yellow)

Thank you for your Sensory and Autism products! They are amazing. We get a lot of use from your card decks!

2/23/2010 7:22:12 AM

Joanna Grissett,

#om413-Chewy Tubes™ (1 Red & 1 Yellow)

I would like to see more oral motor stimulations toys. I enjoy the chewy tubs and the v-vibes. They help my daughter to get ready for her meals so she is not fighting to eat.

1/27/2010 7:49:54 AM

michelle riehle,

#OM413-Chewy Tubes™ (1 Red & 1 Yellow)

I enjoy the NUK brushes and oral motor items you have. You have a great selection. I don't see any other proctucts that I would like to see. When I need something. I can always find it online at your place. Thanks.

1/25/2010 7:35:36 AM

rhonda cowlishaw,

#OM413-Chewy Tubes™ (1 Red & 1 Yellow)

love all the oral therapy products

11/13/2009 2:18:03 PM

Lynn Young,

#OM413-Chewy Tubes™ (1 Red & 1 Yellow)

I value the oral motor products that you carry. My son has speech apraxia so anything that is safe and can stimulate awareness of his mouth is helpful.

11/11/2008 12:55:57 PM

Amber Murphy, Glenolden, PA,

#OM413-Chewy Tubes™ (1 Red & 1 Yellow)

My son loves the chewy tubes. He wasn't really into other products, so it was nice to finally find a good selection of items for us to try. Thanks.