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MAVA™ - Montgomery Assessment of Vocabulary Acquisition™

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4/29/2015 9:57:52 AM

Elizabeth L.,Midway, UT

#MAVA22-MAVA™ - Montgomery Assessment of Vocabulary Acquisition™

I really like this test. It is easy to administer and score. I love that it tells me what type of intervention the student needs.

5/4/2014 1:20:19 PM

Great test, with some shortcomings
Anonymous,Long Island, NY

#MAVA22-MAVA™ - Montgomery Assessment of Vocabulary Acquisition™

I like the test, and its pretty easy to use, but I agree with the other posters on the difficulty turning the pages. The book stands at a weird angle! Also, it would be nice if the test would indicate which words that the child got correct/incorrect were Tier 1, 2 and 3 when providing the results. The online analyzer is easy to use, but time consuming, and nothing gets saved, so you have to copy and paste it into a word document yourself.

8/15/2012 9:38:10 AM

Good information, not that easy to use.
Emily H.,Oklahoma City, OK

#MAVA22-MAVA™ - Montgomery Assessment of Vocabulary Acquisition™

I do like the pictures and the information that the test gives me. However, the pages are very difficult to flip. You have to use 2 hands to flip them, and that makes it difficult to keep score at the same time. Overall a good test.

5/13/2010 10:41:46 AM

Great Assessment!
Sally Lynch,Sweeny, TX

#MAVA22-MAVA™ - Montgomery Assessment of Vocabulary Acquisition™

I love this test!! It's colorful and the pictures are in beautiful color. The Response Analyser is helpful in that it shows exactly what type of words the student needs intervention in. I would recommend this to everyone!!

4/15/2010 7:12:02 AM

Kathy Gadbury,

#MAVA22-MAVA™ - Montgomery Assessment of Vocabulary Acquisition™

I love the new hear builder following directions and phonological awareness CD. The areas align with state standards. The graphics are wonderful and my students loved the demo. My students love chipper chat series and Auditory Memory for Quick Stories. We order most test products through Super Duper as well.

1/29/2010 12:41:28 PM

Michele R.,Rio Rancho, NM

#MAVA22-MAVA™ - Montgomery Assessment of Vocabulary Acquisition™

I think this is a wonderful test. I have been using it since the school year started, and I really like the information it gives. Being able to use the response analyzer and print out the student's results is great and helps in report writing. I would like to have a way to print out the results without having the checkout sign in the right hand corner. Also, when using the easels it can be difficult to turn the pages.

11/13/2009 2:18:12 PM

Tomi Banks,

#MAVA22-MAVA™ - Montgomery Assessment of Vocabulary Acquisition™

I really enjoy the diagnostic assessments that Super Duper offers as well as the treatment tools. After working with the same diagnostic assessments for years, they have become {simply put }boring. I enjoy the bright colors, new pictures, and even the training you provide for your products. My clients love them too. Thanks for your creativity and FREE STUFF!; they make my job so much easier.

12/1/2008 9:28:46 AM

Heidi Southard,

#MAVA22-MAVA™ - Montgomery Assessment of Vocabulary Acquisition™

I wanted to thank the team who added the Qualitative Response Analyzer to the MAVA. That tool takes the test from average to outstanding as I use it to give parents a real understanding of their child's vocabulary skills. Teachers also better understand where to focus their efforts when I share the data printout at IEP meetings. The tool is quick and easy to use and included FREE with the test. What a great way to make the information we gather more useful to SLPs and IEP team members.