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No-Glamour® Grammar Cards
Carolyn LoGiudice
Grades: K-6

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11/30/2017 3:05:57 PM

No-Glamour Grammar Cards

#LS5009-No-Glamour® Grammar Cards

I just got these cards in today and I LOVE THEM!!! Several of my students have struggled for years with various grammatical forms. I've used online resources, created my own worksheets, targeted during therapy to no avail... these cards require no prep, my students respond well and are learning! YAY!

1/21/2016 12:24:07 PM

School Based SLP
Speechie,Reading, PA

#LS5009-No-Glamour® Grammar Cards

These cards are very versatile. I used them for various language and articulation activities. Students respond well to the pictures on these cards. The prompts are great for times that you need to"grab and go".