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Rhyme & Sort Rockets Game
Phonemic Awareness Sorting Set
Grades PreK and Up

Avg Rating

10/27/2019 5:24:20 PM

Love the Rockets
Brenda H,Iowa

#LER5462-Rhyme & Sort Rockets Game

A little overwhelming when first opening the box, but after pictures were sorted for differentiated learning, it was very fun! Students were challenged, and had a great time while learning.

3/7/2015 6:25:56 PM

Great for Rhyming!
Stephanie D.,Mission, KS

#LER5462-Rhyme & Sort Rockets Game

My order just arrived and I used this game with a group of kindergarteners. This game did an amazing job at teaching rhyming awareness and identification. My students had a difficult time understanding that rhyming is not the words that begin with the same sound. This game really helped them understand the difference and they had fun choosing a colorful rocket to play with. They really enjoyed the change in our rhyming routine.