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H-PAT™ Kit

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1/25/2015 2:08:06 PM

Nancy J. Moore,Killbuck, Ohio

#HPAT22-H-PAT™ Kit

I have been experiencing numerous children (2nd-4th grade) that have been diagnosed or didn't qualify as dyslexic. They all struggle with phonemic awareness and I decided to give the H-PAT a try, as all I had to evaluate phonemic awareness was an old TAPS tool. It was easy to learn (10-15 minutes) and only takes 15-20 minutes to give. It comes with picture cues for Letter/Sound Identification and for Rhyme Awareness Part 1. It is a hierarchy of rhyming, blending, segmenting, deleting and substitution, using sounds, syllables and words. It is easy to score (5 minutes) and gives Standard Scores for each section, which aided in my IEP goals and objectives. I would recommend this easy-to-give assessment based on it's standardized, easy and quick to give and score and the areas it targets. I have also purchased the HearBuilder CDs to use with my students! That is another review!