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Super 60 Homework Folder Combo (60-Pack)

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12/7/2018 7:40:17 AM

Students love these!
Carla Morrison,Killen, Alabama

#HFC60-Super 60 Homework Folder Combo (60-Pack)

Parents, teachers and students love the organization with homework and notes regarding speech therapy. Everyone knows where to look for anything regarding speech. The students keep the folder in their backpacks at all times. Everyone in the school recognizes the speech folder.

10/15/2018 11:11:29 AM

Diane H,Richmond, VA

#HFC60-Super 60 Homework Folder Combo (60-Pack)

Love 'em! Kids love them, too. Wish there more variety.

8/31/2014 10:49:52 AM

Homework folders
Lisa Y.,Hopkinsville, KY

#HFC60-Super 60 Homework Folder Combo (60-Pack)

My students were so excited to receive their new speech homework folders! With such a great variety, they had a hard time choosing! Thanks Super Duper, I've been highly satisfied with your products for over 25 years!

9/6/2013 1:15:27 PM

I'm organized!
Deborah M.,Columbus, GA

#HFC60-Super 60 Homework Folder Combo (60-Pack)

I love these folders so much. It is great to have all paperwork in one location. I keep IEP's on one side and lesson plans on the other. The designs are cool too.

9/17/2012 9:24:27 AM

Kristine F.,Shoreham, NY

#HFC60-Super 60 Homework Folder Combo (60-Pack)

They offer a convenient way to keep work and home correspondence in one place. The kids love the designs especially the space themed ones!

9/5/2012 12:39:28 PM

Homework Folders
Deborah M.,Columbus, Ga

#HFC60-Super 60 Homework Folder Combo (60-Pack)

My therapy students stay so organized with their homework folders. They love the cool designs too.

10/6/2011 4:20:50 PM

Speech Folders
Laura M.,New Jersey

#HFC60-Super 60 Homework Folder Combo (60-Pack)

Great folders that accomodate each student's needs, while keeping them organized!

9/25/2011 8:51:38 AM

Super 60 Homework Folder Com-pack)bo (60
Dorothy R,Florida

#HFC60-Super 60 Homework Folder Combo (60-Pack)

I had bought plain colored folders to be used as homework folders, when I saw this product on the Super Duper site. I saw that the folder came with rules, and spaces for stickers! I also loved the colorful patterns and thought the "space theme" on some of the folders was perfect. When I started to use the folders, the students loved them. They actually argue over which patterns they want! I am thrilled to have these because they have made the homework assignment process a lot easier.

9/7/2011 7:36:08 AM

Super-Duper Service
Beverly K. Mondloch,Stewartstown, PA 17363

#HFC60-Super 60 Homework Folder Combo (60-Pack)

I frequently order products for my therapeutic service (Speech/Language) clients. I have my students use the Super-Duper speech and language folders because as they complete their speech homework, they are rewarded with stickers, which I put right on their folders. With 5 homework stickers, they can receive a school-related material, such as, a pencil, eraser, paper, or acceptable recess toy. These folders are well marked, as speech folders and when lost find their way back to the student or to me! We have nearly 1000 students in our school, so this is important! Thanks Super Duper. Bev Mondloch, M.S., CCC-SLP

9/5/2011 11:13:56 AM

Homework Folders
Bonnie M,Kenner, LA

#HFC60-Super 60 Homework Folder Combo (60-Pack)

My students look forward each school year to choosing a new speech folder for their speech assignments and home communications. I choose the combo pack. The folders keep all speech related information in one location to be referenced. The classroom teachers have become a part of the routine by returning speech folders to their students at the end of the day with their updated home assignments from the speech therapist.

8/30/2011 1:30:12 PM

Debbie M.,Columbus, GA

#HFC60-Super 60 Homework Folder Combo (60-Pack)

The folders keep my students organized. The students love the variety of designs.

9/7/2010 9:33:56 AM

CIndy R.,Camden, SC

#HFC60-Super 60 Homework Folder Combo (60-Pack)

Love them!

11/23/2009 8:04:45 AM

Melanie Skeldon,

#hfc60-Super 60 Homework Folder Combo (60-Pack)

Ilove the Seasonal Artic Word Search Book and the great speech folders. I like ordering the folders in bulk to save money!

11/10/2009 12:55:31 PM

Elisa Schwartz,

#hfc60-Super 60 Homework Folder Combo (60-Pack)

The speech folders are great. They never get mistaken for any other school subject.

9/29/2009 7:55:42 PM

Miss Silvina,Commerce, TX

#HFC60-Super 60 Homework Folder Combo (60-Pack)

For the past 10 years I have been giving my speech students folders from Super Duper. Every year their reaction is the same: "awesome, new folders, yea." Throughout the year I keep work in them, then in May they get to take them home. I haven't had a kiddo yet that didn't want one.