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HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

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2/27/2013 1:53:27 PM

Gwen Ragan,

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

I use Hearbuilders frequently in my therapy sessions and enjoy them.

2/21/2013 4:48:14 PM

HearBuilder Phonological Awarenss
Julie B.,Somerset KY

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. For the last several years I used another (similar) program, but this program far supersedes that program and my expectations. Plus it was cheaper!! Very well worth the money!!

4/18/2012 1:51:18 PM

HearBuilder Professional Edition
Kandy I,Yakima

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

We are currently using the HearBuilder series in a computer lab setting to provide services to a variety of speech and language delayed clients. it provides us with the ability to serve several children at one time. The clients are able to log themselves in and begin to work at their designated levels very quickly. Love the data!

12/21/2011 9:25:08 AM

Great program!
Joan H.,Wisconsin

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

We are very excited with this program. The students enjoy the activities and are willing to work hard.

12/20/2011 5:13:09 PM

HearBuilder Phonological Awareness Professional Edition
D. Rivers,Fayetteville, GA

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

This has been a wonderful tool to use with my slow readers to help teach them phonological awareness. They love "playing" and I can see their skills increase with each session.

12/20/2011 3:19:37 PM

HearBuilder Phonological Awareness
Camille M.,Knoxville, TN

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

I like this program very much. It works on the much needed areas of phonological awareness. I wish it would have required the children to work through the first three areas before they can move on to other areas.

11/28/2011 4:59:43 PM

HearBuilder Phonological Awareness Professional Edition
D. Rivers,Fayetteville, GA

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

I have tried the sample disc and was impressed! Can't wait to get my copy and get started with the entire program. The kids will love it!

9/27/2011 1:40:03 PM

Great Product
Tiffany M.,Michigan

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

My students enjoy working on the computer with this program. It is a great way for them to practice and improve their phonological awareness skills. I am very satisfied with the built in tracking system and the progress reports that can be printed off for each student. The only thing I would change is some of the visuals they use during the game and how the screen is set up. Some students found a couple of the games confusing because of the visual set-up. Overall, a great buy!

9/17/2011 7:18:42 PM

Hear Builder
Alyssa M.,Newberg, OR

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

Great PA building activities for wide age range.

9/16/2011 12:19:40 PM

Love it

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

I love all of the HearBuilder computer software. The activities hold the students interest, give good data for teachers, and are a nice tool to have for RTI.

9/15/2011 2:33:10 PM

HearBuilder Phonological Awareness
Heidi C.,Richmond, VA

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

The variety of activities keep my kids engaged while challenging them.

4/25/2011 11:03:22 AM

Phonological Awareness Hear Builder
Cindy D.,Kemptville, ON

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

This is a very interactive program that allows for an immediate reward when the child is successful. Kids love it! It is very user friendly for the clinician as well. Skill levels can be set for individual children and their names/scores are saved on the harddrive.

9/1/2010 10:34:43 AM

Excellent Product
Jennifer J,Augusta, GA

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

I LOVE the HearBuilder Phonological Awareness program. It is an excellent step in listening skills for my clients. I have used the Earobics product for many years and am excited to have this new resource.

8/29/2010 9:12:13 AM

Engaging for students!

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

So far, this program has been a hit with my students. They love the band theme! And because of my high caseload at school, I love the ability to use it with unlimited number of students.

8/5/2010 3:18:31 PM


#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

This software is eye catching and up to date and motivates students to want to use it.

6/21/2010 2:11:12 PM

Katie D.,Houma, LA

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

I love this computer software. It is easy for the kids to use and they love playing the games. They score sheets are great data to use for progress monitoring.

5/26/2010 1:17:46 AM

HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness
Connie T.,Spartanburg, SC

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Software Program is excellent! The range and progression of phonemic awareness skills is thorough. Two tremendous features are the unlimited number of students that can be entered and software that plays from the disc so it travels easily from school to school. My students work independently and persistently at their skills so that it is almost like having an assistant working with me. Without time limits, the children really work for accuracy. When they grasped that the only way to get to the stage and direct the performance was to master a skill, they began to advise each other to listen and think. They begged to come back before school and over recess. The vocabulary is sophisticated and challenging and causes eye-rolling at my therapy table but doesn’t at the computer. The record keeping and printable goals are very useful. This is the most useful material I’ve bought from you.

5/19/2010 8:02:35 AM

Great Product
Shannon,Columbus, OH

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

I use this with the kindergarten classes at my school and have the students work on their skills independently. The students who know their phonological skills get through the tasks really quickly, but for those that struggle, it has benefited their skills in the classroom.

5/13/2010 7:42:09 AM

Joanne T,Mn

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

It is a wonderful product. You can tell a lot of planning went in to producing this product. It seems be very hierarchical in it's lessons planning. The speed and voice used on the product is very clear. My student 's are choosing this as a reward for hard work which tells me the software is very engaging. The database provide some nice documentation to show the students, parents and teachers the student's progress. Thank you for this product!!

5/12/2010 5:25:21 PM

Let's Hear It For Hear Builder
Sheila K.,Prescott, AZ

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

We have been very pleased. The program is engaging for students and I like the fact that it is auditory....other similar programs give auditory cues but then gives picture/visual choices. I like knowing that they are really listening and getting it. I also like that I can use it as a reward at the end of an interactive session....because the kids will work for the privilege!

4/15/2010 7:12:02 AM

Kathy Gadbury,

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

I love the new hear builder following directions and phonological awareness CD. The areas align with state standards. The graphics are wonderful and my students loved the demo. My students love chipper chat series and Auditory Memory for Quick Stories. We order most test products through Super Duper as well.

4/12/2010 11:07:52 AM

HearBuilder Phonological Awareness
Phyllis S.,New York

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

Unfortunately, this software was too abstract for my students. The unrelated visuals confused them. My Students (ages 8 - 18) who are on the spectrum need to use various senses, i.e. visual, auditory and kinetic. This program frustrated them.

3/18/2010 7:14:35 AM

Lynn Epstein,

#hbpe255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

Looking forward to using the Hearbuilder! With a tight budget....I LOVE NO shipping fees! With the extra $20 I was able to buy 3 very cool clearance items!

3/16/2010 7:33:36 AM

Donna Giventer,

#hbpe255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

Hi- Just wanted to drop a little note your way to give everyone at Super Duper a big hug! I have personally purchased HearBuilder Following Directions and HearBuilder Phonological Awareness professional editions. My colleague and I a seeing remarkable improvement with our speech and language kids! Keep up the great work of publishing wonderful teaching materials. Someday I should take a picture of my speech room almost completely equipped by Super Duper! A big thanks and that hug, Donna Giventer

3/1/2010 8:39:16 AM

Sonia Kitain,

#hbpe255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

I love the new CD's that Super Duper publishes. They are easy to use and the students love to go on the computers and use them.

2/25/2010 7:03:04 AM

taylor placek,

#hbpe255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

I really enjoy the phonological awareness computer interactive games...this is such a skill for the younger students and finding a way to get them interested can be such a challenge...but with SuperDuper on my side we are making tons of progress.

2/17/2010 8:25:16 AM

Racheal Montgomery,

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

I enjoy your products and love your language games/activities. I would like more interactive products and language stimulating toys for early childhood. I work with many pre-kindergarten students and would benefit from a larger variety of products for children at this age. I love the fluency enhancing tools and the Magne Talk activities.

2/15/2010 7:38:32 AM


#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

This is the first time I have viewed your website and it's fabulous. My child is 12years old non verbal with autism. The Hear Builder cd's with the audio and interaction would be perfect for her.

2/8/2010 7:50:21 AM

Diane S. Bradley,

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

I love the new HearBuilder interactive CD. The wide selection of activities and levels makes it perfect for many on my caseload. The record-keeping feature makes it even better!

1/26/2010 9:48:55 AM

Hear Builder Phonological Awareness Software Program
Carol S.,West Virginia

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

Excellent program. I use it with entire class on the Intelliboard. The students love the interaction. Also,I can use it with individual students that are having difficulty with a certain area.

1/24/2010 11:44:10 PM

Great Program
Yvonne W,California

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

I was looking for a program to help my APD daughter. I searched and struggled with a decision between Earobics and Hearbuilder Phonological Awareness. After much deliberation, I finally decided on Earobics because it was the only program that I had heard about prior. When we received Earobics( which we purchased from Superduperinc) we were initially super excited. Unfortunately, our excitement turned to frustrations. Tons of issues downloading on microsoft Vista and to our surprise, the graphics are completely outdated and boring. My 6 year old APD daughter quickly tired(after day 2 ) of the rudimentary graphics and the muddled sounds effects. I, personaly, was not impressed with Earobics at all and often found myself fighting wih my daughter to engage with the program for just 15 minutes. Out of sheer desperation, I finally decided to give Hearbuilder phonological awareness a shot and I'm thrilled I did. HearBulider is what Earobics claims to be. Seriously. My daughter now thinks she is playing a fun game and will often ASK to play it. The graphic are amazing and completely engaging. And unlike Earobics, the sound quality and child participation are engaging and not annoying. I feel bad that I wasted my money with Earobics, but we feel blessed that we found Hearbuilder. Honestly, the best and most affordable program out.

1/22/2010 5:07:39 PM

A Therapy "Must have!"
Trisha Pfeiffer,Anaheim, CA

#HBPE255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

This program is the only computer software program available that covers ALL the areas of phonological awareness, including phoneme manipulation. The rock band theme is motivating for my students and they love the individual game reward activities. As a therapist, I love that I can individualize each student's intervention according to the various activity domains and multiple skill levels within each activity. Students who were burnt out on traditional phonological awareness activities have had their motivation and interest reignited. I am so grateful for this product!

1/14/2010 7:19:29 AM

Erin Stamper,

#hbpe255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

I love your products, especially Hear BUilder. ; ) Thank you!

11/13/2009 2:24:06 PM

Barbara McLaughlin,

#hbpe255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

I am already seeing you serving me by adding more technology products which I plan on purchasing. I would like to see more reading, language and math CD programs. I enjoy the CD Programs, it helps my students become self directed learners. The scoring helps me to know if they are getting it and if I need to help them a little more.

10/8/2009 2:57:45 PM

joya casson,

#hbpe255-HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness Professional Edition

I love all of the interactive CD Roms. i use them along with teachers to collect data during our RtI process at my schools. They are great and entertaining and I'd love to see more. Perhaps the pictures can be somewhat varied more from the actual Fun Deck cards because I use those as well.