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Word Joggers® Junior
Early Intervention for Semantics and Word Retrieval Card Game
Elaine Burke Krassowski
Grades PreK-3

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11/7/2019 7:56:38 AM

Word Joggers Junior
Pam F.,Saint Joe, IN

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

I LOVE this game! I love the versatility, the many skills and age levels that are targeted with this game. It is simple enough for preschoolers, yet exciting enough for my upper elementary kiddos.

11/1/2019 12:21:21 PM

Nice product

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

This a fast way to practice picture naming, category naming and sorting. The pictures are engaging and the kids like to use them. I was disappointed they did not fit in my Cariboo game because they are too thick.

5/31/2019 10:02:16 AM

Great resource
Tanya J.,Madison, WI

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

A great resource for students with nice visuals and cards to manipulate for busy hands.

8/4/2018 12:40:52 PM

Great Product
Lauren V.,Kansas City, MO

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

I found this product very helpful in working with students with word retrieval difficulties. I like how the product is organized into different categories as well.

2/19/2015 10:49:58 PM

Danielle G.,San Diego, CA

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

My students love the shoes and seeing who can collect the most. I love that I can target many goals with this activity.

9/10/2014 10:00:27 PM

Works well with kids
Thuytrang T.,Houston, Texas

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

This set could easily be used with any other activities to expand it's use. My kids use the cards to state function of objects/pictures.

8/3/2013 8:24:27 AM

Many uses

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

These cards are great for building vocabulary or describing skills. I used them in various games. Recently, as suggested by one of my co-workers, I used it together with Cariboo. The cards fit in the slots where the Cariboo cards usually go. The kids love it.

3/5/2013 2:38:34 PM

Word Joggers Junior

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

I like the flexibility of this game.

2/29/2012 11:06:58 AM

Great for several ages!
Marcy F.,New York, NY

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

This game is very versatile which makes it great for several age groups. The game boards and cards are durable and brightly colored! There are MANY cards for each category so playing with multiple children or the same child over a series of sessions is not boring for them or for you!

2/27/2012 12:18:48 PM

Word Joggers OK

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

I have used this game with a variety of kids so far, and even with some older students who just need help with vocabulary. The game component is not that interesting, but the cue cards can be easily used with other games. Some of the directions could be spelled out a little more. The comparison one always says "compare this item with another item" and is not very specific.

1/11/2012 2:09:12 PM

word joggers junior
Paula Rivers,Columbia, MD.

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

The kids LOVE the sneakers idea on the backs of the word cards as motivation to learn the words. I myself have found that the students enjoy the variety of questions (riddles, etc.) Great job!

7/12/2011 2:46:12 PM

word joggers jr.
Jamie S.,Kent, WA

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

I've mostly been using this to target attributes. It's a really fun activity for the kids, and they seem to really enjoy the pictures.

2/17/2011 3:58:35 PM

Keeps them jogging!
Antonella C.,Canada

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

A great resource! Multi-themed, eye-catchy and super for learning & reviewing.

9/11/2010 7:46:44 PM

Still looking for best fit kids
H,Irvine, CA

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

Bought this kit for vocabulary development for preschoolers/kindergarteners with language delay. I was pleasantly surprised that most of the kids know the vocabulary in this kit. The few children who don't struggle with the symbolism of the photos and need real photos.

5/13/2010 12:51:06 PM

Word Joggers Junior
Elizabeth O.,Lafayette, CO

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

This is an excellent resource for working with young students with word finding problems. I especially like giving a clue while the student is looking at a set of picture cards to see if they can identify the correct picture and whether they can name it. If they cannot name the picture, it's a great opportunity to offer a variety of cues to see what helps the most, e.g., it starts like this, or it's something you do this with, etc.

3/29/2010 9:42:58 AM

Amita Koul,

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

I love Super Duper products. Every super duper product is unique in its own way. I would like to see more language learning games from super duper. I have articulation cards, oral motor tools and games from super duper and I like every single product I have. I like the vibrating critters most. They are amazing. Thanks for the amazing products.

3/29/2010 9:42:47 AM

Amy Triggs,

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

I love the fun, coulourful games that make therapy more enjoyable for the students and myself!

3/22/2010 7:19:20 AM

Brenda king,

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

I love the games and hands on activities. The children love them.

3/8/2010 7:27:38 AM

Allison Lange,

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

I enjoy the games and fun decks the most.

2/17/2010 8:25:16 AM

Racheal Montgomery,

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

I enjoy your products and love your language games/activities. I would like more interactive products and language stimulating toys for early childhood. I work with many pre-kindergarten students and would benefit from a larger variety of products for children at this age. I love the fluency enhancing tools and the Magne Talk activities.

2/15/2010 7:37:02 AM

Bobbie Drake,

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

As a mother of a fourth-grader who has Asperger's, I particularly enjoy all of the games and social skills activities that you have available. All of your products appear to be so fun and enjoyable for the kids, that they probably don't even realize that they are picking up some very important life skills while they are playing them. That's important, because, after all, why shouldn't social skills games be just as entertaining as any childrens game? You guys obviously 'get' kids ---thanks!!!

2/3/2010 7:06:47 AM

Karen McManus,

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

Super Duper has GREAT games and ideas that we use frequently in our school therapy sessions.

1/29/2010 7:04:44 AM

Lynn Herndon,

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

service is great! we just ordered the Funalogy game. Our children love the games & anytime we use the secret decoder.

1/27/2010 7:49:18 AM

Christy Shuffield,

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

I love the Super Duper games! My students don't even realize they are learning! I have been ordering your products for years and I think Super Duper is just that-SUPER DUPER! Thanks for being an SLP's best friend!

1/27/2010 7:47:43 AM

Nora Sedlock,

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

I think all your games and tools are great. I use them on a daily basis. I love the artic cards, the magnet matching kit, and everything else you guys offer. Thanks for all the hard work!

1/26/2010 12:13:21 PM

I love Word Joggers Junior!
Anne P.,Arlington, TX

#GB345-Word Joggers® Junior

I work with special ed students in self contained classes (autism, down syndrome, TBI, shaken baby syndrome, etc) and I am always looking for products that can be adapted for students on different levels of functioning. I have been able to do that with Word Joggers Junior and my students love it! We have come up with so many creative ways to use this game and adapting it to each student. It is flexible, and that is exactly what I need. Thank you SuperDuper for providing products like Word Joggers Junior that can be adapted to students different levels of functioning.