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Animal Idioms
Super Fun Deck® with Super Duper® Secret Decoder
Clint Johnson
Grades 1–8

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5/22/2015 8:57:25 PM

Animal Idioms
Christine F.,Belleville, NJ

#FD144-Animal Idioms

The colorful pictures and vast selection of idioms keeps my students interested in learning the true meaning of each idiom. They loved using the secret decoder to verify if they chose the correct answer. This game activity held the interest of many of my students regardless of their grade or age. I would highly recommend this activity to teach idioms to your students.

5/15/2015 4:14:21 PM


#FD144-Animal Idioms

My kids love the colorful cards and the silliness. Great learning tool1

4/27/2015 1:38:49 PM

Perfect for ELD students
Kimberly K.,Oregon

#FD144-Animal Idioms

Because our English Language Learners [ELL] do not grow up with these common idioms this deck is perfect for familiarizing the students with the concept of idioms and with many we use every day. The cards are big, colorful and attractive. Projecting them or using for a small group are equally effective. The deck makes easy a tricky use of language.

3/8/2013 12:59:43 PM

Nita S.,Jonesboro, AR

#FD144-Animal Idioms

My students love the Animal Idioms fun deck. It's a fun way for them to learn idioms.

1/28/2013 1:11:49 PM

Animal Idioms
Sharon R.,St. Marys, Ontario, CAN

#FD144-Animal Idioms

Idioms are sometimes difficult to teach and there just aren't a variety of activities to support this learning. I really appreciate this resource. The kids love to use the decoder and the cards make for some fun discussions.

5/17/2012 12:48:53 PM

100 Idioms- WOW!
Nicole B.,Puyallup, WA

#FD144-Animal Idioms

These cards are great. I love that you get 100 different idioms that are nicely pictured all within a handy case. My students really like to use the decoder to check their answers. A great buy.

5/15/2012 3:00:57 PM

Love these for a fun way to introduce idioms!
Beth M.,Grapevine, TX

#FD144-Animal Idioms

I've been using these for the last couple of weeks with upper elementary aged children on the autism spectrum (fairly high functioning). They absolutely LOVE the pictures, and they really, really ADORE the "decoder" -- definitely worth every penny. Instead of not wanting to work on idioms, my clients are asking for the animal-light game!

2/17/2012 11:33:13 AM

Up with Animals

#FD144-Animal Idioms

Great SLP tool, great fun for the kids while they learn, so many game ideas with this the color and the log lasting card stock that is used

12/2/2011 9:04:48 PM

Animal Idioms
Christine B.,Tucson, AZ

#FD144-Animal Idioms

I really liked using the Animal Idioms with my group of 5-8 grade students. These are idioms that they seemed more familiar with and it was easier for them to describe and generate the idiom. The students had fun using the little flashlight and quizzing each other while learning throughout the proces.

7/11/2011 6:01:29 PM

Animal Idioms
Debbie R.,Fayetteville, GA

#FD144-Animal Idioms

These cards make teaching idioms so much fun. The pictures are great and keep the student's attention. Also, the decoder is another attenion keeper which adds to the suspense of whether the student made the corrrect choice.

7/4/2011 5:39:15 PM

Animal Idioms
Paula Rivers,Columbia, MD.

#FD144-Animal Idioms

Animal Idioms is a very nicely illustrated set of cards which I find very appealing. It is a very full deck of cards which include many, many animal idioms, thus giving the students a wide array of opportunities for learning idioms.

5/17/2011 10:32:43 PM

Animal Idioms
Kate K.,Shreveport, LA

#FD144-Animal Idioms

The animal idioms card set is a fun and easy way to target figurative language skills for children who tend to comprehend language in a literal sense and students who need extra practice with abstract langauge concepts. They love using the decoder to find out if their answers are correct and the idioms and example sentences provide a great model for them to then create their own sentences for practice. Very pleased with this purchase!

5/5/2011 4:29:55 PM

Animal Idioms
Kathy Swift,Lincoln, CA

#FD144-Animal Idioms

What a fun, efficient way to practice idioms. The students are engaged, curious, and very willing to work towards mastery.