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What’s Wrong with This Photo?
Item# WFC79
Becky L. Spivey Photos created by Bruce Ink
Grades K and Up

Have you seen a girl walking her hippopotamus? A school bus with doughnut wheels? You will see them in this comical deck!
Practice identifying absurdities, problem solving, and storytelling with 56 funny photo cards of people and animals in wacky situations! What’s Wrong with This Photo? has 56 color photos that are sure to add some laughs to most any language lesson.
There are two hilarious card sets in this deck. Set 1 Cards have blue borders and white backgrounds with no distractions. Set 2 Cards have orange borders and full-color backgrounds. Extension idea cards included in this deck use the photos to teach lessons in storytelling, “photoshopping”, and creative problem solving.

Price: $12.95  

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