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Webber® Animal Artic Photo Cards
Item# WFC73
Sharon G. Webber and Staci Jackson
Grades K and Up

Bring the zoo to your students with Webber Animal Artic Photo Cards! Real-life animal photos in illustrated scenes provide a fun way to practice articulation skills. Each of the 23 card pairs has a sound-loaded sentence, allowing students to practice initial sounds at the word, phrase, or sentence level. The “Wild,” “Reverse,” and “Draw/Discard” Cards expand the variety of games students can play.
Webber Animal Artic Photo Cards includes:
  • S, R, L
  • S, R, and L Blends
  • Z, SH, CH, K, G, F, V, P, B, T, D, M, J, and T
  • 2 Wild cards
  • 2 Reverse cards
  • 1 Draw card
  • 1 Discard card
  • Content card and game ideas
  • Sturdy tin

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