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Super Sentence Game
Item# WCA6006
Grades 3 and Up

Gather your construction tools! It’s time to build sentences!
Super Sentence Game helps students practice constructing grammatically correct sentences! As players spin and move their pawns around the white track, they collect who, what, where, and when phrases to build sentences. Sentences may be silly or serious. The emphasis of the game is on identifying singular and plural subjects, using subject/verb agreement, and keeping the same verb tense throughout a sentence. The first player to complete five sentences (or another predetermined number) is the winner. Use the sentence tiles with additional extension and writing activities included in the instructions. Super Sentence Game supports state and national English language arts standards. 2-4 players.
Super Sentence Game
  • Game board (16 ½” square)
  • Spinner (5” square )
  • 200 Who, What, Where, and When phrase tiles (2” x ½”)
  • 4 Pawns (1”)
  • Instructions

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