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Bubble™ Talk
Item# UG96
The Crazy Caption Board Game!
Grades 2 and Up / Ages 8 and Up

Bubble Talk is a picture-caption matching game that is fun for the entire family. Loaded with hilarious pictures and wacky captions, Bubble Talk is easy to play. The “judge” draws a picture card from the deck and shows everyone. Then, players select the caption card from their hand that best matches the photo and place it facedown. The judge reads all the players' selected caption cards aloud and selects the funniest caption. The player judged to have the funniest caption wins the round! First player to win five rounds wins the game. 3-8 players.
Bubble Talk Game
  • 75 double-sided picture cards (4" x 6")
  • 300 caption cards (2½ "x 3")
  • Instructions with game ideas

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