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TECEL Complete Kit
Item# TM790
Mary Blake Huer and Lynda Miller
2 weeks-24 months

• Testing Time: 15-45 minutes
• Norm-referenced: standard scores (Communicative Ability Index); percentiles; age equivalents; also includes age equivalents for older children, adolescents, and adults who have language delays
• Complete TECEL kit: Examiner’s Manual; Picture Plates; 25 Examiner Record Booklets; 25 Informal Assessments; Intervention Plans; Object Kit; Sturdy Storage Box (2011)

The TECEL, a revision and standardization of the Nonspeech Test, assesses an individual’s earliest communication behaviors and emerging language abilities. The test, which has full-color illustrations, is appropriate for verbal and nonverbal individuals. Conduct an Interview, Observation, or both to assess communication strengths and weaknesses. Color-coded items assist in analyzing both receptive and expressive data. Use the Informal Assessment and Intervention Plan to guide evaluation of test performance and develop recommendations for intervention. The Manual includes case examples for additional diagnostic information.

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