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ROWPVT 4th Edition Complete Kit
Item# TM788
Nancy A. Martin, PhD and Rick Brownell, MA
Ages: 2;0–80+

• Testing Time: 20 minutes
• Norm-referenced: raw scores; standard scores; percentile ranks; age equivalents
• Complete ROWPVT kit: Manual; Test Plates; 25 English Record Forms, in vinyl folder (2010)

The ROWPVT – 4th Edition assesses an individual’s ability to match a word that is heard to objects, actions, or concepts. Full-color pictures for 190 items reflect concepts that follow a developmental sequence. Updated word lists and images feature real-life topics of home, school, or media, which are presented in sets of four pictures. Begin the test based on chronological age, and discontinue testing when the ceiling is reached. Provide a comprehensive assessment along with the co-normed EOWPVT-4.

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