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EOWPVT 4th Edition Complete Kit
Item# TM786
Ages: 2;0–80;11

• Testing Time: 20 minutes
• Norm-referenced: raw scores; standard scores; percentile ranks; age equivalents
• Complete EOWPVT kit: Manual; Test Plates; 25 English Record Forms, in vinyl folder (2010)

The EOWPVT – 4th Edition assesses an individual’s ability to name objects, actions, or concepts. Full-color pictures for 190 items reflect concepts that follow a developmental sequence. Updated word lists and images feature real-life topics of home, school, or media, which are presented in single pictures. Begin the test based on chronological age, and discontinue testing when the ceiling is reached. Provide a comprehensive assessment along with the co-normed ROWPVT-4.

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