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MagneTalk® What’s Missing?
Item# SAS99
Magnetic Board Game
Sharon G. Webber, M.S.
Grades PreK and Up

Where are the balloons? Where is the dog?
Your students will love helping the detectives search for missing items in this amazing magnetic game. Use MagneTalk What's Missing? to improve your students' problem solving skills. Students match 12 picture tiles with 12 adorable What's Missing? scene tiles.
  • A pizza..a slice
  • A car…wheels
  • A flower stem..a flower
  • An empty goldfish bowl…a goldfish
  • A puzzle with missing piece..a puzzle piece
  • A boy with one sock/shoe…a sock/shoe
  • A girl..eyes
  • A clown holding strings…balloons
  • A girl standing in rain….an umbrella
  • A boy blowing out candles..a cake
  • A mom feeding a baby..a bottle
  • A boy walking with a leash..a dog
Each set has:
  • Sturdy, magnetic board (14" x 18").
  • 24 vinyl, magnetic tiles (2 5/8" x 2 5/8").
  • Game ideas.
  • Easy-storage plastic tote.

Price: $24.95  

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