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Webber® BIG Apraxia Photo Cards
Item# PRAX450
Sharon G. Webber and Amber Hodgson, M.A., CCC-SLP
Grades PreK and Up

Webber BIG Apraxia Photo Cards contains 562 large (6" x 6") photo cards targeting 21 consonant sounds and 10 vowels.
This evidence-based card set helps to treat children with apraxia of speech by focusing on repetition of the movement sequences of the lips, tongue, and jaw to form consonant sounds and vowels in basic syllable shapes:
  • VC (egg)
  • CV (go)
  • VCVC (oven)
  • CVCV (cookie)
  • CVC (hat)
  • CVCVC (ketchup)
We’ve carefully organized the photo-word cards by syllable shapes/ease of production. Includes:
  • 10 Vowel Sounds: Long/Short A, E, I, O, U.
  • 21 Consonant Sounds: P, B, M, W (bilabials), F, V, voiced/voiceless TH (dentals), T, D, N, L, S, Z (alveolars), SH, CH, J, Prevocalic R, Y (palatals), K, G (velars), and H (glottal).
  • A sound-loaded, rhyming Story Card for each consonant. Also a sound card with verbal cues, visual/tactile cues, and elicitation techniques.
  • Multiple activities for sound practice on flip side of photo card.
The Photo-Word Cards have six activities:
  • Learn the Definition
  • Hear and Say the Sounds
  • Finish the Sentence
  • Answer the Question
  • Complete the Rhyme
  • Repeat the Phrases/Sentences
Webber BIG Apraxia Photo Cards
  • 562 large (6" x 6") photo cards
  • Instruction booklet with theory and research
  • Sturdy storage box
For a smaller, more portable version of the Webber BIG Apraxia Photo Cards check out Webber MINI Apraxia Photo Cards.

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