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Articulation Box
Item# PC1202
Articulation Box Mini Objects
Ages 3 and Up

The Articulation Box is an invaluable resource for speech and language professionals. Use this complete kit for simple speech screenings, speech therapy, and dozens of language activities. The huge collection of miniature objects represents 12 of the earliest developing speech sounds, including objects for beginning, middle, and ending sounds. There are at least four objects for every sound in the initial, medial, and final positions for b, d, f, g, h, n, ng, k, l, m, p, w, and y.
Articulation Box
  • 125 realistic objects (material and size of objects may vary; ⅝" to 6⅞")
  • 13 resealable object storage bags
  • Organizational chart listing objects by sound and position (initial, medial, and final)
  • 3 sets of alphabet stickers for labeling bags

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