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In, On, Under and More
Item# PC1189
Preposition Lotto Game
Grades PreK–1 Ages 4-7

The In, On, Under, and More preposition lotto game asks children to match cards to game boards, and then use miniature objects to demonstrate the prepositions in, on, under, behind, in front of, and next to.
“Put the penguin in the wooden tub…on the wooden tub, or ….under the wooden tub.” Use the cards with and without the game boards to help children expand spatial awareness while developing vocabulary and language skills.
In, On, Under, and More
  • 24 lotto cards (21/2" x 21/2")
  • 4 lotto boards (9" x 6")
  • 4 chicks (3/4")
  • 4 penguins (1")
  • 1 each of a wash tub, red hat, and baby carriage (1")
  • 1 plastic basket (93/4" x 63/8" x 21/8")
  • 2 round storage containers with lids (41/2" x 11/2")
  • Teaching notes and game instructions

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