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“Can Do”® Oral-Motor Combo
Item# OM953
Book, Fun Deck® and Game Boards
Joanne Deninno and Kim Gill
Grades PreK-2

Cassie Cow, Manny Monkey, and friends have now teamed up to make Oral-Motor activities fun and engaging with the “Can Do” Oral-Motor Combo. This combo has everything you need to help students tackle tongue stimulation, tongue strengthening, tongue movement and lip strengthening and movement.
"Can Do" Oral-Motor Fun Deck cards have detailed exercises that include Tip Tickle Up and Kiss and Smile. The "Can Do" Oral-Motor Fun and Games book provide carryover practice for the “how to” card exercises. With the fun and engaging "Can Do" Oral-Motor Game Boards extend therapy with games like Oral-Motor Castle, Manny’s Lively Lips & Chubby Cheeks, and many more!
"Can Do" Oral-Motor Combo
P.S. Be sure to have plenty of our tongue depressors on hand for many of the exercises, and your students can use them to play the games. Need card holders? Click here.

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