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Super StoryMaker LITE App
Item# MXASM55

Create fantastic stories, document exciting adventures, generate invaluable picture schedules, and much more with Super StoryMaker! Educators and parents will love Super StoryMaker because it gives children opportunities to practice important skills such as reading, sequencing, vocabulary, sentence-building, following directions, grammar, storytelling, communication, and more!
Features of Super StoryMaker LITE:
  • Create short stories with a cover and up to three pages.
  • Add animals, food, people, places, vehicles, objects, shapes, and text to your pages. (Please note: item choices are limited in Super StoryMaker LITE.)
  • Modify the people with custom colors for hair, clothing, and skin.
  • Give your people one of four different emotions – happy, sad, angry, or surprised.
  • Resize and rotate animals, food, people, places, vehicles, objects, and shapes.
  • Import your own photographs to some images (e.g., computer, television)
  • Add your own drawings and handwriting with the marker tool.
  • Name your story and add text to each page of your story.
  • Change and edit your stories.
  • Share stories with others by telling and reading them aloud

Price: FREE!  

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