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Kangaroo Island Photo Classifying
Item# MXAKI11
Mobile iPad® App
Mark Strait and Clint Johnson
Grades PreK and Up

Welcome to Kangaroo Island Photo Classifying where children learn to name and classify 336 items in 15 different categories:
  • Animals
  • Bathroom
  • Clothing
  • Colors
  • Foods
  • Furniture
  • Instruments
  • Kitchen
  • Lowercase Letters
  • Uppercase Letters
  • Numbers 1-20
  • Shapes
  • Tools
  • Toys
  • Transportation
Children get to tour Kangaroo Island in Australia and play six interactive activities while improving their vocabulary and classifying skills; basic concept knowledge; and listening and reading comprehension.
Six Interactive Activities:
  • Class-A-Roo – Help Sally the Kangaroo find her friends by choosing the correct item that goes with the category and putting it in her pouch.
  • Picking Parrot – Sort all the items into the correct categories and then feed Paul the Parrot.
  • Skink Ball – Play a fun game by rolling the ball down the lane that matches the correct category. Earn a ticket and choose a prize after each game.
  • Turtle River – Put each turtle on the island with the correct category.
  • Koala Canvas – Help Cole the Koala identify the correct items in a category while painting a picture.
  • Seal Search – Find Cindy the Seal by choosing the item that does not belong from a group of four. Reveal a part of the hidden picture with each correct answer.
Features of Kangaroo Island Photo Classifying:
  • Teach children to classify photos in 15 different categories.
  • Choose to teach one to five categories at a time.
  • Teach children classifying using text or photos.
  • Turn audio on or off.
  • Track and graph data for an unlimited number of children.
  • Document the items a child identifies incorrectly.
  • Email, print, and share results.

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