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No-Glamour® Grammar Cards
Item# LS5009
Carolyn LoGiudice
Grades: K-6

Teach ten important grammar skills with colorful pictures of everyday situations. No-Glamour Grammar Cards have illustrations on the front of the card and six questions on the back to prompt students to ask and answer questions. The last question asks the student to repair incorrect grammar usage.
No-Glamour Grammar Cards Target Skills
  • Copula Is/Are
  • Has/Have, Do/Does
  • Pronouns and Possessive Nouns
  • Present Tense
  • Regular/Irregular Plurals
  • Regular/Irregular Past Tense
  • Negatives
  • Comparatives
  • Questions – Level 1
  • Questions – Level 2
No-Glamour Grammar Cards
  • 200, double-sided, picture/stimuli cards (4" x 6")
  • Instruction cards for each section
  • Boxed

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