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Autism & PDD Photo Cards™
Item# LS5001
Verb Tense Questions
Grades – PreK-6 / Ages 3-11

Target Regular Past Tense, Irregular Past Tense, Future Tense, and Present Tense + Infinitive verb tense using Autism & PDD Photo Cards Verb Tense Questions. A three-level cueing hierarchy on the back of each photo card helps you phrase the stimulus to get the desired response. Instruction cards provide additional teaching strategies: how to begin, how to make the task more or less difficult, and cues to help elicit correct syntax, morphology, and sound production. The photo card set covers these question forms:
  • Regular past tense /td/, /dd/ endings
    The boy saw something in the sky. Then what happened? He pointed.
  • Regular past tense /t/ endings
    The boy has an apple. I see an apple tree. What happened? He picked an apple.
  • Regular past tense /d/ endings
    The boy has a hair dryer. His hair is dry. What happened? He dried his hair.
  • Irregular past tense
    I see a boy and part of a Popsicle. What happened? He ate the Popsicle.
  • Future tense
  • I see a girl with a shoe. What will she do? She will tie her shoe.
  • Present tense + infinitive
    The boy is sliding (down). What does he like to do? He likes to slide (down).
Uncluttered, large-size, real photos isolate these verb forms to help students:
  • Comprehend the importance of verb tense as well as learn how to ask and answer questions.
  • Use subject-verb and subject-verb-object combinations in varied levels of structured tasks.
  • Remediate grammatical errors that are secondary to a motor speech disorder or a phonological process disorder.
These photo cards present a wide variety of people in functional, everyday situations that are meaningful to students. Designed for students on the autism spectrum, these photo cards and teaching strategies also work well for students with other language disorders and English Language Learners.
Autism & PDD Photo Cards Verb Tense Questions
  • 240 double-sided, full-color photo/stimuli cards (5" X 7")
  • Instructions cards (5" x 7")
  • Boxed

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