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Autism & PDD Intermediate Social Skills 5-Book Set
Item# LS1528

Help your "in between" students adjust to middle grade expectations whether in the classroom or in social situations. The 200 one-page, picture-supported social scripts in the Autism & PDD Intermediate Social Skills five-book set help students understand and learn what to do or say in social situations that are sometimes overwhelming. The lessons help teachers integrate social scripts successfully in the classroom and reduce behavioral problems.
Each book has 40 ready-to-use lessons and social situations. Customize the lessons by adding student-specific information, editing the text, and using photographs in place of generic pictures in the book.
Each book includes instructional and behavioral lessons. Use the instructional lessons as part of a social skills curriculum with small groups. Use the behavioral lessons with individuals to target certain social problems that are not acceptable (Burping). Choose the order in which to present the lessons, and then document the Record of Progress and Tracking Forms.
Autism & PDD Intermediate Social Skills 5-Book Set includes:
  • Picture Indexes
  • Behavior Tracking Forms
  • Behavior Analysis Forms
  • Progress Record Forms
  • Tracking Forms for Lessons
  • Lessons include suggestions and examples
  • 62 Pages in each book, 8½" x 11"
Autism & PDD Intermediate Social Skills 5-Book Set

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