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Easy Does It for Apraxia and Motor Planning Books
Item# LS1086
Robin Strode Downing and Catherine Chamberlain
Ages 4-12

The athletic theme of this program captures students' interests and complements extensive, systematic activities for apraxia and challenging speech disorders.
Easy Does It for Apraxia and Motor Planning is for students who:
  • Do not show progress with traditional therapy approaches.
  • Demonstrate motor-planning deficits for speech.
  • Lose intelligibility at the sentence level.
  • Have increased errors when using complex phonetic combinations.
The program has six treatment levels, or goals. Each treatment divides into sequential objectives and includes detailed, systematic therapy suggestions and activities. Students will:
  • Produce vowel sequences and isolated consonants consistently.
  • Combine consonants and vowels to form words.
  • Produce consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words.
  • Produce multisyllabic words.
  • Produce phrases and sentences.
  • Produce consonant blends in words.
Easy Does It includes a Therapy Manual and a Materials Book with everything you need to implement this program.
Easy Does it for Apraxia and Motor Planning
Therapy Manual
  • 132 pages of detailed therapy techniques and treatment strategies
  • Systematic lesson plans with goals and objectives
  • Word, phrase, and sentence lists
  • Consonant Inventory form
  • Vowel checklist
  • Therapy tracking form
  • Anatomical placement pictures
Material Book
  • Hand signal descriptions and action activities
  • Troubleshooting techniques and additional practice ideas
  • 104 reproducible pages of athletic-themed practice activities, pictures, and materials

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