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HearBuilder® Sequencing
Item# HBFD495
Super Fun Deck®
Erin Riojas
Grades K–6

Kim and Joey are back in this HearBuilder Sequencing Super Fun Deck with 144 double-sided, full-color cards featuring 32 illustrated sequences for targeting sequencing, comprehension, and critical thinking skills. Use this deck as a companion to the HearBuilder Sequencing software program or use it by itself to teach students to put events in logical order.
Students start with the three-step sequences and progress up to six-step sequences. The front side of each card has a Story Sequence (Ms. Garcia bought a new painting. She got a hammer and some nails to hang it in her living room). The back side has an Instructional Sequence (Get a hammer and some nails). Your students will have fun putting these everyday events in order!
HearBuilder Sequencing Super Fun Deck includes:
  • 144 double-sided cards (3 ¼" x 4 ¼")
  • Instruction booklet with game ideas
  • Sturdy storage tin

Price: $29.95  

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