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Say & Do® Phonology Games
Item# GB56
16 Laminated Games
Grades PreK-2

Imagine auditory bombardment poems that your students will love! Now imagine full-color game boards, loaded with target words and pictures! Imagine the fun your students will have playing various games while increasing awareness of appropriate phonological patterns! This is auditory bombardment at its best! Your phonology students will enjoy spinning and moving around the colored game boards. You can name the picture at the auditory bombardment stage as you read aloud the delightful poems on each board! The game board booklet lists other game ideas.
The phonological processes targeted are:
  • 2 syllable words.
  • 3 syllable words.
  • Final consonant deletion.
  • Stridency deletion.
  • Gliding.
  • Fronting.
  • Pre-vocalic voicing.
  • Consonant cluster reduction.
  • Stopping.
Your set includes 16 game boards (8 laminated boards 11" x 17" printed front and back), pawns, die, and instruction booklet.

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