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Fluency Roll ‘n Talk®
Item# GB376
Open-Ended Dice Game
Jessica Hirliman and Clint Johnson
Grades 3 and Up

Roll your way to fluent speech with Fluency Roll ‘n Talk, an open-ended dice game for reinforcing your students’ individual fluency goals. The 200 Roll ‘n Talk cards provide multiple opportunities for your students to practice speaking at the sentence, multi-sentence, and conversational levels—you will never run out of things to talk about! Plus, the open-ended game boards allow you to individualize each student’s treatment goals. Fluency Roll ‘n Talk works best with a group (up to six players), but is fun for one-on-one practice too!
The 200 Roll ‘n Talk cards include 50 Repeat It Cards, 50 Talk About… Cards, 50 Sentence Maker Cards, and 50 Social Situations Cards.
Fluency Roll ‘n Talk includes:
  • 200 Roll ‘n Talk Cards (3" x 4")
  • 2 dice with dice cup
  • 4 dry-erase markers
  • Instruction booklet
  • Sturdy storage box
  • 6 dry-erase personal game boards (4½" x 7")

Price: $44.95  

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