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Word Joggers® Junior
Item# GB345
Early Intervention for Semantics and Word Retrieval Card Game
Elaine Burke Krassowski
Grades PreK-3

The word is on the tip of my tongue! When a word-finding—or word-retrieval—problem affects a child’s daily communication, it also impacts academics, social interaction, and self-esteem. For young students struggling to find the right word, Word Joggers Junior offers early intervention and helpful strategies for “jogging” their memories.
This follow-up to Elaine Krassowski’s popular Word Joggers game includes 200 color-coded Prompt Cards (5" x 3"), with exercises that address five categories relevant to a child’s daily life (Animals, Food, Household Objects, School Stuff, and Toys). Prompts include Riddles, Associations, Phonemic Awareness, Categorizing, and Same & Different.
Each word also appears on an illustrated Picture Card (2" x 2") that provides a visual cue for the student. When you read one of the five prompts on a card, the student responds by finding the appropriate picture card and saying the word for the picture. The first player to fill his/her Game Board with sneaker cards wins the game.
  • 15 Game Boards (9" x 6")
  • 200 color-coded Prompt Cards (5" x 3")
  • 200 full-color, illustrated Picture Cards (2" x 2")

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