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Homophones in Sentences
Item# FD155
Super Fun Deck®
Erin Riojas
Grades 2 & Up

Homophones in Sentences Super Fun Deck has 125 cards with two levels of activities to help children learn to distinguish between 85 homophones—words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings (your/you’re).
This deck has two levels. Use the Level One cards to teach homophones. One side of the card has the word, definition, a sentence using the word, and an illustration. The other side of the card shows only the word and can be used as a flash card.
Use the Level Two cards to practice and test what your students have learned. Each card front has fill-in-the-blank sentences—two for each homophone—with answer choices. The back of the card lists the homophones for open-ended practice.

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