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Focus on Fluency™
Item# FCF99
A Tool Kit for Creative Therapy and CD-ROM
Kristin Chmela
Grades 2-8

Focus on Fluency is a practical, creative Tool Kit chock-full of resource materials broken into five areas: Education, Desensitization, Basic Communication, Fluency Shaping, and Stuttering Modification. The tools in this kit will assist you in carrying out goals for a variety of students and their individual needs.
Focus on Fluency Materials
  • Instructional Manual with Reproducible Activities, Contract, and Charting Cards (88 pages)
  • Printable CD-ROM with Color Handouts and Activities
  • 10 card decks
  • 2 Sets of Discussion Strips
  • Game board with cards and playing pieces
  • Magnetic board with seven magnets
  • 8 visual prompt and discussion cards
  • 7 manipulatives
  • 3 educational posters
Click here for an interview with Kristin Chmela, M.A., CCC-SLP, BRS-FD, Director of the Central Speech and Language Clinic's Chmela Fluency Center.

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