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Classifying Photo Fish™
Item# FAS888
Magnetic Game
Sharon G. Webber, M.S. Concept by Marilyn McIntyre
Grades PreK–6

Little fishermen and women will get hooked on Classifying Photo Fish as they improve their sorting and classifying skills. These magnetic foam fish come with stickers showing photos of everyday items in the categories of Transportation, Clothing, Animals, Food, and Around the Home. Grab a fishing pole, choose a category, and reel in the fish that match it!
Classifying Photo Fish includes:
  • 55 Classifying Magnetic Photo Fish (11 fish in each category)
  • 5 “Category Catch” Fish
  • 60 stickers
  • 36" x 23" plastic pond
  • Two 11" lightweight, plastic fishing poles
  • An easy-to-carry, hard plastic tackle box (12" x 7" x 6¼")
  • Instructions with game ideas

Price: $48.95  

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