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Sentence Building Dominoes
Item# EN2943
Grades 2 and Up

Practice building sentences and learn parts of speech at the same time with Sentence Building Dominoes. Great hands-on fun for beginning readers! The 114 double-sided, color-coded, hard plastic dominoes include 228 words and punctuation marks. Use the dominoes with small groups or place them in a learning center for hours of independent skill-building. Packaged in a sturdy, plastic storage bucket with handle. Dominoes measure 1" x 1" up to 1" x 1.75". div>
  • 46 blue nouns and endings
  • 28 light blue pronouns
  • 56 orange verbs and endings
  • 38 yellow adjectives
  • 20 green adverbs
  • 18 purple prepositions
  • 10 red conjunctions
  • 12 white punctuation marks

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