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Just for Laughs
Item# CRD65
Understanding Multiple Meanings in Jokes
Cecile Cyrul Spector, PhD, CCC-SLP
Grades 3 & Up

One of the most difficult things to accomplish in learning a language is understanding jokes in that language — what they mean and why they are funny. This is because humor often relies on particular words and phrases that have more than one meaning in that language. Just for Laughs addresses this issue by giving students 100 jokes that include multiple meaning words, phrases, and sentences.
The front side of each card includes a silly joke, plus a goofy picture illustrating the joke. (For fun, players can try to guess the answers to the jokes before moving on to the lesson on the back of the card.) The back of the card has a four-part lesson that will help the players understand why the joke is funny.
The deck includes 40 jokes with multiple meaning words, 30 with multiple meaning phrases, and 30 with multiple meaning sentences. Students earn “smile” tokens as they play. Cards are 3" x 5". Includes an Information Booklet with background theory and research. Comes in a sturdy tin.

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