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Webber® Season to Reason®
Item# CRD55
Year-Round Sentence Cards
Theresa McClellan and Cassondra Schomske
Grades K and Up

Webber Season to Reason Year-Round Sentence Cards contains 480 color-coded cards (120 for each season – each a BIG 3 1/4" x 4 1/4") to improve sentence building, vocabulary, and grammatical skills. All sentences relate to holiday and seasonal activities.
Each season includes four card decks (25 cards with 5 bonus cards per deck):
  • Complete a Sentence – Students finish a sentence with an appropriate seasonal word.
  • Create a Sentence – Students create seasonal sentences using the given word. Each deck targets five adjectives, ten nouns, and ten verbs.
  • Correct a Sentence – Students read or listen to a sentence with a grammatical error and correct it. Each deck targets ten verbs, five irregular plurals, five pronouns, and five negation statements.
  • Combine Sentences – Students connect two sentences using a conjunction (and, or, but, so, because).
Younger students will enjoy completing and creating sentences while older students will have fun correcting and combining sentences.
Each of the decks represents its season with a fun, illustrated symbol on the back of the card. The front of the card shows the sentence activity. Target multiple skills by using one or more decks in a season, or give extra practice using a specific card type from each of the seasons.
Webber Season to Reason Year-Round Sentence Cards includes:
  • 480 color-coded cards (3" x 4")
  • Instruction booklet with game ideas and card index
  • 16 dividers (4 per season) to separate cards
    by season and card type
  • Answer key for each season
  • Sturdy storage tin with handle

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