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CPAC™-S Complete Kit without Normative Data Manual
Item# CPACS69
Contextual Probes of
Articulation Competence™ - Spanish
Brian Goldstein, Ph.D.
and Aquiles Iglesias, Ph.D.

  • Testing Time: the screening tool approximately 5-10 minutes, the assessment approximately 20-25 minutes, and the probes about 3-5 minutes per probe
  • Norm-referenced for ages 3;0 - 8;11; standard score and percentile ranks
  • CPAC-S: Examiner's Manual, examples of forms, forms to print/copy (also on CD-ROM), Client Words and Sentences Lists, and Assessment Flip Easel
The Contextual Probes of Articulation Competence-Spanish (CPAC-S) is an assessment and therapy tool kit for working on Spanish articulation and phonology! It is based on the "Contextual Probes of Articulation," found in the Secord Contextual Articulation Tests (S-CAT). Simple to use, the CPAC-S contains a Quick Screen that assesses all Spanish phonemes and many frequently occurring phonological patterns. In addition, it contains a Full Assessment that provides a comprehensive analysis of a client's articulation and phonological skills. This is a clinical management program that:
  • Probes the production of all Spanish phonemes in a variety of phonetic and phonological contexts.
  • Examines performance across different speech production levels (prevocalic/postvocalic words, clusters, and sentences).
  • Identifies facilitating (correct) contexts.
  • Increases generalization.
  • Serves as an ongoing measure of progress.
  • Allows clinicians to help plan intervention.
Routinely administer as an initial examination protocol and use the results to identify intervention targets. It identifies exact pretreatment performance for any Spanish sound or particular phonological pattern, helps clinicians determine when the client is ready to progress to the next articulatory level, when to choose another phoneme to target, and when to dismiss clients from treatment.
Articulatory and phonological patterns are constantly changing. Therefore, treatment for disorders in these areas requires constant monitoring and responsiveness to the changes that result from intervention. Speech-Language Pathologists need to be aware of a client's performance in response to intervention. The CPAC-S is the perfect tool to help build a successful program for the remediation of articulation and phonological disorders.
Valid and Reliable
This comprehensive, criterion-referenced test is based on data from studies relative to phonological processes. The results of the test show linguistic behaviors measured against certain criteria.
In your kit, you receive:
  • an Examiner's Manual containing instructions on administration and scoring, examples of forms, and forms to print/copy (forms are also on the included CD-ROM).
  • Client Words and Sentences Lists containing all the Spanish phonemes and phonological pattern probes that the client may read/repeat.
  • the Assessment Flip Easel to assess the student's articulation and phonological patterns. Administer the Assessment Flip Easel in two ways: (1) as a Quick Screen, where the first 17 items assess all phonemes and frequently occurring phonological patterns or (2) as a Full Assessment where all 64 items comprehensively assess Spanish consonants and phonological skills. (2006)
  • You also have the option of purchasing a Normative Data Manual that provides norm-referenced scores for ages 3;0 - 8;11.
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