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Carry All Cart™
Item# CART25
Folding Crate with Lid

A tisket, a tasket…need something better than a basket?
Our colorful Carry All Cart is the perfect rolling storage bin for all your Super Duper goodies. The sturdy, wheeled crate with the handy pop-up handle holds all of your materials, and you'll still have room for your lunch! Secure lid protects all your materials and keeps them safely inside. Best of all, the Carry All Cart folds up quickly and easily, so it won't take up much space when you want to store it (We doubt you'll ever do that).Ideal size for the SLP or therapist on the go!
  • Lightweight-metal pop-up handle
  • Durable plastic crate
  • Lid
  • Smooth-rolling rubber tires
  • 13½" x 15" x 13½" colorful crate

Price: $49.95  

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