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Word FLiPS® – Spanish
Item# BK379
Spanish FLiPS® for Learning Intelligible Production of Speech
Diane Mautner, M.A., CCC-SLP
Grades PreK & Up

Word FLiPS – Spanish is intended for young children who are slow to develop expressive language and/or have difficulty sequencing sounds. This spiral-bound flip-book shows pictures in five tabbed word sections according to articulatory placement: bilabial, linguadental, alveolar, velar, and palatal. The words are sequenced from earlier developing sounds (bilabial) to later developing sounds (palatal). Three identical sections of “flip” cards allow you to focus on multiple repetitions of real words to maximize the benefits of therapy. Word FLiPS – Spanish is 11" x 5".
For a list of all 52 CV (Consonant-Vowel) picture words, view the Samples.

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