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Turn & Talk® K Sound
Item# BK352
Articulation and Language Flipbook
Maria D'Avanzo
Grades K-5

Turn and Talk K Sound flipbook gives you a one-step way to have your students practice initial, medial, and final K in words, phrases, and sentences. Colorful illustrations accompany each word. This flipbook is a super articulation tool for beginning readers because it uses the same K words and pictures from the word section in rebus phrases and sentences. The child-friendly artwork in this 60-page, easel flipbook will provide tons of articulation fun! Turn and Talk K Sound flipbook is 11" x 5".
Turn & Talk K Sound:
  • 420 K Sound picture words in intial, medial, and final positions
  • 140 Sound rebus phrases
  • 42 K Sound rebus sentences

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