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HandTalkers® for Reading Comprehension
Item# BK349
Main Ideas, Details, Summarizing, and Predicting Book
Treva Stevens and Edith McCollom
Grades 2-5

Your students will practice reading comprehension skills over and over with these 60 short-story HandTalkers. Teach main ideas, details, summarizing, and predicting using this tried and true hand toy. To play, cut and fold the HandTalkers. The student spins the spinner and moves the HandTalker in and out the number of times indicated, hears/reads the short story aloud, and answers the question. Lift the flap to check the answer. Copy the black and white pages directly from the book.
HandTalkers are perfect for sending home for practice with a parent or homework helper. Try the other books in our HandTalkers series for help and practice with grammar and word meaning. 60 pages. Perfect-bound, softcover.

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