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Turn & Talk® S Sound
Item# BK342
Articulation and Language Flipbook
Maria D'Avanzo
Grades K-5

Flip your way to a better S sound with this 60-page (printed back and front), spiral-bound, easel flipbook. As children flip the pages, colorful illustrations accompany the words, phrases, and sentences organized within each tabbed section. After the last page, flip Turn and Talk over and start again for more S sound workouts!
Turn & Talk provides S practice using:
  • 280 S Sound picture words in initial, medial, and final positions.
  • 140 S Sound rebus phrases in all positions.
  • 42 S Sound rebus sentences with two opportunities to practice S in each.
Turn & Talk is 11" x 5" and has 60 laminated pages (printed back and front) for endless hours of therapy fun.

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