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Color Me Fluent®
Item# BK324
Fluency Program
Printable CD-ROM
Alice Anne G. Farley M.Ed., CCC-SLP, BRS-FD
Grades PreK and Up

Developed and field-tested by Alice Anne Farley, Color Me Fluent is a fluency program that brings together the student, parent/caregiver, and speech-language pathologist (SLP) as a team. Together they implement family education, learning theory, and behavior modification to make changes in the student's life and speech. The methods, activities, and materials in this program make it a versatile kit for any caseload, grades PreK and up.
Color Me Fluent promotes overlearning of correct and exaggerated speech patterns by focusing on breathing, phonation, articulation, and resonation. These strategies help the stutterer gain control of his/her speaking. The block management strategies in the program reduce fear and avoidance of speaking. Levels of speech fluency represented in colors provide visual cues to the student regarding his/her speech.
  • Red represents stuttering or disfluent speech.
  • Orange represents the easier speech production. Students use their targets and speak "under the umbrella" of orange speech.
  • Green speech refers to fluent speech. It is the ultimate goal of the program.
Color Me Fluent Materials
  • Instructional Activity Manual with reproducible templates (160 pages)
  • CD-ROM with Color or black and white Handouts and Samples of Speech
  • 16 manipulatives to implement program
  • 2 educational posters

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