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Webber® Artic Fun Sheets - Combo
Item# BK3012
Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Fun Sheets by Ashley Drennan, Karla Duncan, Clint Johnson, and Amy Jundi-Mace
Grades PreK and Up

Reinforce the articulation skills your students learn from Webber Articulation Cards with these carryover fun sheets! Since these worksheets have the identical words and pictures found on the Webber Cards, your students will receive invaluable extra practice at home and in therapy. This combo includes three books: Webber Artic Fun Sheets Set 1, Set 2, and Set 3. Each book has 288 entertaining pages of games, puzzles, and creative activities. Perfect bound.
Set 1 covers S, R, L, S/R/L Blends and Z.
Set 2 covers SH, CH, TH, K, G, F, and V.
Set 3 covers P, B, T, D, M, J, and Animal Pairs.

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